I’m starting my first quilt, and have now decided on the fabrics:

The pattern is Bundles of Bricks by Cottontail Quilts in Marietta. I bought most of these fabrics at Little Quilts, but the lower left-hand fabric I bought at Red Hen Fabrics. I’ve washed the fabrics and now need to start cutting them.

In this slower time at work, however,  I have several other projects that I’ve been working on–I’ll take some pictures and post later. But I read a post about discussing the process of creating a quilt, so I thought I would take this process pledge and track the making of my first quilt.

I first picked out a lot of fat quarters from Red Hen Fabrics that I liked, and when I started laying them out, realized that I did not have enough contrast with some of the fabrics. Pictured below are the ones that did not make the cut for this quilt. The fabric on the far right is what I was going to use for the second border and binding, but could not find more of.

So I had to buy more fabric! But I love the new colors–especially the addition of the purple–so now I hope I can cut straight.

I am following the pattern, but changing it a little, with the encouragement from the staff at Little Quilts. There are only two blocks, and the pattern calls for only the middle fabric to change between the blocks, but I will be changing the middle fabric and the third, lighter, fabric. There were too many fabrics that I liked. I decided not to change the darker fabric from the blocks. It is still hard to see how this will come together, but I’ll just take it one step at a time.

First, though, I have a couple of pillowcase dresses that need finishing…