I took some time today to cut out enough fabric to put together two squares of the Bundle of Bricks quilt. I haven’t actually sewn them together because I realized I have not decided on what thread to use–when I sew clothes I pick out a thread that matches the fabric, but what do you do when you have so many different fabrics?

But I did lay the fabrics out in two different layouts. This quilt only has two squares, so below is what I’m working with:I thought I had decided on the first layout so that I would break up the red fabrics, but I think I actually like the reds together better. Maybe because it is more cohesive? I don’t know if I feel like because of the color or the patterns–the red paisley and green leaves also seem a little too pointy together. But I’ll get my husband’s opinion tonight.

Another issue is that the light red flower fabric now seems thinner than the other fabrics. The edges have already started fraying. It was the last one I cut, and so I am also wondering if my rotary cutter’s blade is dull. So I may need to replace that fabric or my blade or both. My quilter mother is en route today to move to Georgia (yay!), so I’ll give her a few days to settle in before I bombard with all my questions.

My next decisions: thread, replace light red fabric, layout.


The Fourth of July edition: I’ve made dresses for the girls and a Fourth of July belt that I have submitted to Sew, Mama, Sew’s Make It, Wear It! Challenge. Reba and I chose the two fabrics for the pillowcase dresses last weekend and I made the dresses this week. I used a combination of two patterns: one from Make Me Pretty Designs and one from Frog Legs and Ponytail Designs. I used the measurements and instructions from Make Me Pretty Designs (which seems to take less fabric) and used the armhole templates from Frog Legs and Ponytail Designs. For the armhole binding, I did not cut it on the bias, but it worked out fine. I also used the mock french seam to finish the seams–but to do that, I changed the 3/8 inch seam allowance to 1/2 inch. For the trim edge, where I also needed to do top-stitching, I enclosed the raw edges using the flat-fell seam, pictured below.

Lillian, nearly 2, liked the dress and wore it to school already. Reba, 4, tried hers on and immediately asked for a belt. She did not like how it “puffs out” and, seeing my disappointment, said that she likes it, but that she thinks her friends might not. So she said she will wear it for Fourth of July and on “stay-home” days. Oh well. Her daddy talked her into wearing it today.Last year I made her a peasant dress, so I think I will go back to that style for her next time.

And I made Jack a Fourth of July belt, using a good tutorial. My only mistake was not following the instructions–I failed to pin the end while I was sewing the end with the fabric on both sides, and it got pushed a little off-center. Lesson learned for the next belt!


I’ve also recently completed some other projects. I made the “beach napkins” for our family’s trip to the beach so that all 14 of us will have napkins.

And I’ve finished three Oliver+S Lazy Day Skirts for the girls. Not surprisingly, Reba chose the gumdrop fabric after much deliberation at Red Hen Fabrics! She was a little disappointed in the orange ribbon that I chose for it, but I thought it was the best match. She clearly has her own ideas about design!

At the beach next week, I’ll be working on the Rusted Root, and then will think more about the quilt when I get back.

I’m starting my first quilt, and have now decided on the fabrics:

The pattern is Bundles of Bricks by Cottontail Quilts in Marietta. I bought most of these fabrics at Little Quilts, but the lower left-hand fabric I bought at Red Hen Fabrics. I’ve washed the fabrics and now need to start cutting them.

In this slower time at work, however,  I have several other projects that I’ve been working on–I’ll take some pictures and post later. But I read a post about discussing the process of creating a quilt, so I thought I would take this process pledge and track the making of my first quilt.

I first picked out a lot of fat quarters from Red Hen Fabrics that I liked, and when I started laying them out, realized that I did not have enough contrast with some of the fabrics. Pictured below are the ones that did not make the cut for this quilt. The fabric on the far right is what I was going to use for the second border and binding, but could not find more of.

So I had to buy more fabric! But I love the new colors–especially the addition of the purple–so now I hope I can cut straight.

I am following the pattern, but changing it a little, with the encouragement from the staff at Little Quilts. There are only two blocks, and the pattern calls for only the middle fabric to change between the blocks, but I will be changing the middle fabric and the third, lighter, fabric. There were too many fabrics that I liked. I decided not to change the darker fabric from the blocks. It is still hard to see how this will come together, but I’ll just take it one step at a time.

First, though, I have a couple of pillowcase dresses that need finishing…

The Process Pledge